Around the state and around the world, we are surrounded by lostness. Social programs, political ideologies and goodwill organizations are NOT the answer.

The church – the bride of Christ – is the only institution ordained and empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring about societal transformation.

That is why strong churches are at the center of

the  Wheel.
We see a day when every church in our state is aggressively fulfilling the Great Commission so that every life can be saturated and transformed by the hope of the gospel — beginning here, and extending to the ends of the earth.

Associate Executive Director / Chief Strategist
SC Baptist Convention

 The  Wheel

The whole business of the whole Church is to take the whole Gospel to the whole world.

Charles Spurgeon


Strong churches with a true Great Commission culture the Kingdom by making disciples who:

serve needs,
share hope,
send workers, and
start new work.

We help churches develop strong disciple-making cultures inside the walls of the church in order to better fulfill the Great Commission outside the walls of the church.

Church Strengthening & Discipleship Team Leader


We help churches fulfill the Great Commission.

We focus on four priorities: evangelism, missions mobilization, church planting, and church strengthening and discipleship. Through ministry partnerships, our teams offer relationships, ideas, opportunities, and tools that can help your church...

  1. Assess the status of your Great Commission culture.
  2. Identify barriers that keep your church from forming new connections, seeing new creations, sending new co-workers, and starting new congregations.
  3. develop concrete action plans to help you make your next move.
  4. Measure what matters the most.

How can your church know if you are helping the Kingdom ?

Churches who serve see New Connections.

Churches who share see New creations.

Churches who send see New co-workers.

Churches who start see New congregations.


As a church makes disciples who serve in their communities, the Lord blesses that church with new connections that lead to real relationships through which the Gospel message can be shared and lived out with no strings attached.

make your

Understanding Poverty Conference
April 21, 2018
Regional Disaster Relief Training
Recurring Events
Heart 4 Schools: Next Level Leadership
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We want to partner with you to offer relationships, ideas, opportunities, and tools to help your church love thy neighbor by actively serving their needs and add value to your local community.

Compassion Ministries Strategist




As a church makes disciples who share hope through the lens of real relationships, the Lord blesses that church with new creations. People from our communities, who are hearing and seeing the Gospel come to life through the lens of a relationship with a Jesus-follower, begin turning from their sin and embracing a new life and identity in Jesus.

make your


Immersion is a 2 day experience that will help you begin a journey toward creating a culture of disciple-makers who share the hope of the Gospel with those around them.

March 12-13
Lake Murray Baptist Church, Lexington, SC
We want to encourage you to lead neighbors to Christ and disciple them in a life-on-life fashion into fully-devoted Christ followers.

Evangelism Team Leader




As a church makes sacrifices to send disciples out to serve and share with others, the Lord blesses that church (and the Kingdom) with new co-workers.

Will your church send?

Will you go?

make your

Send Me Conference
April 17
Trinity Baptist Church Cayce
Join the movement of churches that are praying for unreached peoples and places, and becoming equipped to send out workers into the harvest of our nation and world.

Missions Mobilization Team Leader




As a church commissions new workers to start new work among unreached peoples and places, the Lord blesses that church (and the Kingdom) with new congregations.

These new churches, planted with the DNA of solid theology, cooperative relationships, and sacrificial giving add immediate value to their environments by meeting real needs in their communities. In so doing, they continue the cycle by starting new congregations who serve others, share hope, send workers, and start new work themselves!

make your

Start the Discussion

Church planting in South Carolina begins with DISCOVERY. Has God called you to plant a church? Start the discussion now by completing a brief questionnaire to help our team learn more about what God is stirring within you.

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Contact us to learn more about how you can join the movement to saturate South Carolina with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting.

Church Planting Team Leader


more than two billion people across the planet have little or no access to the gospel.

the time to is now.

the team.


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Associate Executive Director / Chief Strategist SCBC


Church Strengthening & Discipleship Team Leader


Evangelism Team Leader


Missions Mobilization Team Leader


Church Planting Team Leader

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